In 1954 Yveline opened her gallery at the corner of the picturesque Place de Furstenberg in Saint-Germain-des-Près, a few steps away from the charming Delacroix Museum and the four  Paulownias in the tiny square whose blossoms announce the arrival of spring to the ancient quartier.

Through the next decades Yveline assembled together and presented in her gallery a wondrous collection of beautiful objects and antiquities: elegantly crafted furniture, pictures, sculptures, objets d’art and curios of all sorts and provenance. Her discerning eye and indefatigable quest over the years instilled in the gallery rooms an aura of poetic wonder, a celebration of the marvellous which continues to this day.

At present Agathe, Yveline’s grand-daughter, is following this long family precedence and tradition of an adventurous but discriminating spirit in pursuit of artistry from different eras and regions. The gallery remains a favourite haunt of visitors to Paris as well as for Parisians themselves, enchanted by the way the gallery and the square complement each other in their evocation of beauty reflected in objects, trees, and stone.