Calendar Said From “Royal Palais”

This delicious object, typical of the objects known as the Royal Palace , is engraved with the days of the week. It was used to slip the business cards received asking the recipient to attend a tea, a dinner, an evening, a social event … At that time there were two walks where he must see and be seen, that of the Bois de Boulogne in a horse-drawn carriage, and that of the Royal Palace where people of the world wandered, we meet the actors of the Comédie Française, women of little virtue but … of great quality! ‘there tie and unravel intrigues that one can easily imagine. Along the arcades, the luxury boutiques succeeded one another, one found this kind of objects.

This calendar of an old-fashioned refinement evokes those wonderful years when entertainment and a form of lightness follow the dark years of the end of the Empire.

Dimensions of the closed case:

Length: 4,5 inch

Width: 2,5 inch

Height: 1,1 inch


Dimensions of the calendar:

Length : 3,14 inch

Width: 1,4 inch

Do you have questions?

Do you have questions?