English writing case, Chippendale style

Lady-shaped Chippendale-style walnut writing desk.
This splendid office dating from the end of the 19th century. It is a shaped walnut piece of furniture, Lady Chippendale style model. In addition to being functional, it is also a fine example of elegance, thanks to the refined choice of wood and decorations of which it is made.
The particularity of this room very richly decorated in marquetry and embellished with small drawers in front, storage for letters and inkwell. Typical of the English “Chippendale” style supported by carved wavy legs and ending in “snail” feet.

Thomas Chippendale, son of a carpenter and sculptor, was at the origin of English decorative art inspired by the Louis XV style.
He can be considered the most famous English cabinetmaker of this period.

Period: Second half of the 19th century

Width: 28,34 inch (72 cm)
Depth: 17,71 inch (45 cm)  / 19,68 inch (50 cm)  open
Height: 32,28 inch (82 cm) / 48,03 inch (122 cm ) open

Do you have questions?

Do you have questions?