Carrara marble “Baigneuse” , XVI century, Italy

Carrare marble sculpture “Bather”

Mannerist sculpture representing a naked woman, probably an element of a sculptural group.

Mannerist sculpture is characterized by movement in works. Beautiful sculpture in all its forms comes from the obsession of this era that puts problems of style above problems of expression. The sculptors of the sixteenth century, to reach their goal, loved the twisting of bodies and twisted forms, which prompts the spectator to turn around the statue to discover all its aspects, impossible to grasp in a single glance. The subject represented may be intentionally inexplicable or determined to be unintelligible.
Then this sculpture is a perfect example of this beautiful and short period of the sixteenth century.

Height with base 80 cm.
Width 25 cm.
Depth 40 cm.

XVI century



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Do you have questions?