Female painter’s manikin

This mannequin is part of the last generation of mannequins, before the evolution of painting towards impressionism. They were already so complex and expensive to make that they were often rented, and few artists could own them.

They are made of a complex structure of wood and metal, stuffed with horsehair and threads contained in a Jersey envelope to reproduce as accurately as possible the movements of the human body.

Our mannequin is extraordinary because of its padding, it is very rare to see the shape of the chest even reproducing the nipple and the design of the abdominal strap. His head is made of painted paper mache.

Original base


Dimensions :
Height without base :64,96 inch (165cm)
Height with base : 66,53 inch (169cm)
Shoulder width : 17,71 inch (45cm)
Width of pelvis : 14,17 inch (36cm)

Do you have questions?

Do you have questions?