Marble sculpture representing Flora

Flora is a Roman goddess who symbolizes spring and fertility. The Roman gods and goddesses are inspired by Greek mythology due to the exchanges, in particular commercial but also artistic, between the two poles.

However the Roman gods do not represent an ideal like the Greek gods but a daily help. The Romans had a hundred gods to help them accomplish their tasks and improve their lives. Unlike the Greek gods who were seen as superior beings, beings of authority.

Flora has similarities with the nymph Chloris who for the Greeks was the nymph of flowers and plants.

After several years of sterility, the Romans began to organize great games in honor of Flora. These games took place in the first days of spring.

We recognize Flora by the flower that adorns her hair. Her curly hair is delicately sculpted and ends in a bun.

This sculpture dates back to the 17th century, we find the canons of beauty of the Hellenistic period taken up by classicism: straight nose, perfect profile… It is a return to ancient sculpture, to Greek beauty: A harmonious face presaged a soul just as pure.

From the 18th century, Flora will be represented with a large crown of flowers and fruits.

Circa 1680

Dimensions :
Height : 9,64 inch (24,5cm)
Depth : 8,66 inch (22cm)
Width : 6,69 inch (17cm)

Do you have questions?

Do you have questions?