Nacre Chapel, XIX century

This model is commissioned work carried out in a convent, probably to commemorate an ordination. The green paper used for part of the interior decoration allows us to place the manufacture in the first quarter of the 19th century. The little dolls that animate the scene are from the same period, they are Grodnertal dolls. They are all articulated.

The main altar is composed of a sculpture of the Virgin reading a holy book to two sheep.

The walls are decorated with shells. On the right wall a small painting representing the Virgin holding a heart, below we come to read the following inscription “Heart of Mary”. On the left wall is a confessional as well as a small altar with a sculpture of a Madonna and Child and a crucified Christ.

The exterior of this model is made of white mother-of-pearl which is a symbol of the purity and sweetness of the motherly love of the Virgin Mary. Could it be a chapel dedicated to the Virgin?

First quarter of the 19th century

Height: 9,44 inch (24cm)
Width: 6,69 inch (17cm)
Depth: 10,23 inch (26cm)

Do you have questions?

Do you have questions?