Portrait Of Mademoiselle Murat, Empire Period

Portrait of Mademoiselle Murat, Empire period

Oil on paper laid down on canvas representing a young Mademoiselle Murat,

Young woman with her hair done “à la Ninon” open forehead, flat hair on the front and the side of the head, corkscrew lock on each side and behind a cabbage. She wears a dress called “peplos” or more commonly “chiton” inspired by Greco-Roman art very fashionable in the 1st empire.
The high waist of the dress highlighted with a fine braid around the square neckline and highlighted with a lace “cherusque”.

Sigil “QRF 1814”

With frame 59 cm. x 73cm.

Without frame 49 cm. 63cm.

Do you have questions?

Do you have questions?