“Portrait of the little king of Rome”

Oil on canvas (on his canvas, no restoration or repainting ) walnut frame.

From the portrait of the child Eagle emerges a great softness, but the veil of melancholy reflected by his large eyes already announces his life … Oil on canvas (on his canvas, no restoration or repainting ) walnut frame In 1900, the writer Edmond Rostand paid homage to him by making him the main character of a play called L’Aiglon. It is under this denomination that posterity has retained the meteoric passage on earth of this young man who said of himself: “My birth and my death, that is my whole story. Between my cradle and my grave there is a large zero ”. “The Little King of Rome”, the only son of Napoleon and the Empress Marie-Louise of Austria was born Napoleon François Charles Joseph (1811-1832), King of Rome, Emperor of the French, Prince of Parma, Duke of Reichstadt . On March 20, 1811, one hundred and one cannon shots announced to Parisians the long-awaited birth of the emperor’s son, at the Palais des Tuileries. Constitutionally adorned with the title of “Imperial Prince”, he also received that of “King of Rome”. His tragic and eventful life marries the political ground swells which shake Europe to the rhythm of his father. After a few milder years, in exile at the Austrian court, he died of tuberculosis at the age of 21.
Italian school,
Early XIX century.

Height with frame: 70 cm (27,5 in); without frame: 56,5 cm (22,2 in)

Width with frame: 60 cm (23,6 in); without frame: 44,5 cm (17,5 in)

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Do you have questions?