Putti in relief, 19th century

Pair of “petrified limestone” representing putti in relief.

From the middle of the 19th century, man has been able to tame waters laden with calcium carbonate to develop an unusual craft of which only nature is the instigator: Petrification. By an extraordinary alchemy, the water, charged with limestone, slowly trickles over the objects deposited under the natural waterfalls and covers them with a calcite enriched with silica crystals which gives them a sparkling appearance. It takes about 1 year of patience before obtaining a sufficient layer of calcite. And during that year, it is necessary every 3 weeks to turn each object for this layer to regularize and for the details to be preserved. These waters also encrust rubber molds with calcite and create impressive bas-reliefs, true works of art of nature.
XIX century,

Height: 12 cm (4,7 in)

Width: 15 cm (5,9 in)

Do you have questions?

Do you have questions?