Saint Lucia sculpture

Saint Lucia is recognizable by the cupola she holds in her right hand. On this dome are her eyes that she tore out after a pagan fell in love with her. As she refused his advances he had her arrested and tortured. When she asked him why he had fallen in love with her, he explained to her that he had fallen in love with her eyes. So she tore her eyes out and gave them to him.
Saint Lucia renounced all her possessions and consecrated her entire life to God. For this, the Virgin Mary restored her sight by offering her even more beautiful eyes.

Our wooden sculpture of Saint Lucia is dressed in green, red with gold threads. Her eyes are blue to represent the purity of her soul and the period when she was blind. Around his neck is a cross. Her cheeks are slightly rosy.

18th century

Height: 44,48 inch (113cm)
Width: 19,29 inch (49cm)
Depth : 15,74 inch (40cm)

Do you have questions?

Do you have questions?