Scriban Library, Late 18th Century

Scriban composed of a flap that can be locked, the interior has six drawers, one of which locks.

A latch system allows the three large drawers in the lower part of the scriban to be closed without keys. To open the drawers you have to open the flap or open the desired drawer with a key. This ingenious system avoids having to move around with several keys on you when the scriban is closed.

The upper part of the scriban is a bookcase made up of two shelves and two glass doors that can be locked.

All locks are functional.
Later blue paint.

Late 18th century,

Height: 88,18 inch (224cm)
Width: 49,21 inch (125cm)
Open depth: 33,46 inch (85cm)
​​​​​​​Closed depth: 26,37 inch (67cm)

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Do you have questions?