Sculpture representing Perseus rescuing Andromeda from Medusa

Lava stone sculpture representing Perseus rescuing Andromeda from Medusa.

The winged helmet and the winged shoes are the attributes of Perseus. He is shown holding a sword and the head of Medusa in one hand and embracing Andromeda with the other.

Inscription “Perseo ed Andromeda Pompei Casa dei Vettii”

The Vetti family is a family of wealthy merchants in Pompeii. In 1894 the excavations of their house began, it was one of the best preserved. This house is filled with fresco and in the hall is the original fresco of this sculpture.

Our carved lava stone is an object of the grand tour.

19th Century

Velvet display
Some gaps

Without frame:
Height: 5,11 inch (13cm)
Width: 3,34 inch (8.5cm)

With frame:
Height: 5,90 inch (15cm)
Width: 4,33 inche (11cm)

Do you have questions?

Do you have questions?