Stern figure for the rear castle

Stern figure for the rear castle of a Spanish galleon, in polychrome wood representing a bust of allegorical sculpture crowned with flowers and fruits, symbol of abundance, perhaps the allegory of spring, conducive to the awakening of the senses . The custom of decorating ships dates back to the earliest times of antiquity. One reconciles the good graces of the divinities of the sea by putting oneself under their protection, to repel evil spirits. In modern times, the naval decor serves as a sign of recognition and reveals the political and cultural identity of the ship’s crew. In addition to this informative value, these ornaments are always attributed a prophylactic function. The naval decoration of warships was left to the imagination of sculptors recruited from among the companions. The artist is both the designer and the practitioner. The most used species for figureheads are walnut, linden, and pine. In Europe, the 19th century marked the end of leading figures in the military navy. This abandonment is cruelly felt by the sculptors of the port cities.
XVII century,

Height: 47 cm (18,5 in)

Width: 38 cm (15 in)

Depth: 48 cm (18,9 in)

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Do you have questions?