Virgin A Child Italian School From The Eighteenth Century.

Virgin and child Italian school of the 18th century. This subject is the most represented theme in religious painting in all of Christian art. This delicate representation of the Virgin in adoration facing the Child presents all the human dimension and the sweetness of the maternal atmosphere. Mary hugs the sleeping child. She envelops him and protects him.

The pictorial style and the composition recall the spirit of Giovanni Battista Salvi who expressly distinguished himself for this theme, with the Virgin in a humble and strongly earthly posture, simple white, red and blue colors and a delicate play of shades on faces and hands. This iconographic prototype was so successful that it became the archetype of works intended for devotion during the 17th and 18th centuries.

Particularly appreciated for private commissions because of its marked suppleness and its formal perfection, especially the faces.

Oil on canvas 31cm. x 39cm.


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Do you have questions?