Virgin and child, venetian XVIII century

The Virgin holds in her right hand a bunch of grapes which symbolizes the blood of Christ and in the other hand the child Christ.

This sculpture represents the offering of the Blessed Virgin to the world: her divine son, and the foreknowledge of her sacrifice to come. The Child looks at us, also conscious of his destiny. Their common acceptance is overwhelming. At first sight a mother holds her child, serene against her bosom, but when she reveals her secrets this sculpture tells a completely different story.

A story that can be found today, under the clothes and the headdress, the Virgin is carved, by lifting her dress the sculpture appears and the beautiful Virgin and Child finds its first meaning: to remind us of the sacrifice of Christ , its dual human and divine nature, and the acceptance of the Blessed Virgin to this offering to the world.

Shortages and accidents

XVIII century, Italy

Height : 152,4 inch (60cm)
Width : 66,04 inch (26cm)
Depth : 40,64 inch (16cm)

Do you have questions?

Do you have questions?