Portrait of a French lady

French school from the end of the 17th century, beginning of the 18th century
Gilted wooden frame

Height 18.5 in x Length 14.5 in with frame

Portrait of a lady, atmosphere

Mannequins, atmosphere

Parecloses 18th century mirror

Parecloses, gilded wooden mirror, orginal mercure glass.

Height 22.4 in x Length 19.2 in

Gilded mirror, 19th century

Gilded, wooden mirror with its original mercure glass. Carved pedimont with flowers and shell.
End of the 18th, beginning of the 19th century.

Height 19.6 in x Length 12.5 in

Portrait of a lady with her child

French School from the Empire (circa 1800), Portrait of a lady with her child,
Oil on canvas, original gilded wooden frame.

Height 22 in x Length 17.7 in with the frame

Young ladies with birds

Two portraits, one representing a young lady unleasing a bird from its cage (the virginity), the other one representing a young lady holding a dove with a matching blue ribbon on her breast (the joys of marriage).
One of the portraits is signed M. and dated 1868 on the lower left corner.
Oil on pannels, gilded wooden frames.

Height 11.8 in x Length 10.2 in

Musician Venitian woman

Italian School (Ferrare ?), end of the 16th - beginning of the 17th century, Portrait of a muscian Venitian woman.
The woman's dress reveals fashion from the last decades of the 16th century. Just like in Titien's portraits (he died in 1576), the accent is put on the woman's psychology, with a rare expressivity for the periode !
Oil on canvas, gilded wooden frame

Height 34.2 in x Lengh 28.3 in

Arte Povera cabinet

Painted, wooden cabinet with a very delicate paperwork decoration of leaves, flowers and insects. On the top, the grid doors open on shelves, on the bottom, two tirrors and decorated leaves also opening on shelves.

Height 82.6 in
Width 43.3 in
Depth 20.4 in

Two studies of men

Two studies of men by Charles-Philippe (1798-1876) and Eugène (1801-1823) Larivière when students at the Ecole des Beaux Arts of Paris, under the direction of French painter Charles Meynier (1768-1832).

The two brothers are presented at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts by their master, the famous French painter Girodet.
Charles-Philippe obtains the grand prix de Rome in 1824 and becomes resident at the Villa Médicis in Rome until 1830. Well known for his Historical paintings, he will honour various official commissions, especially for the galerie des Batailles at the château de Versailles.

Height : 31.4 x Length 21.2 in each