Portrait of an 17th. century Gentleman

Oil on canvas, still on its canvas
Circa 1680

L: 35,5 in
l: 31,5 in

Mary-Magdalene, allegory of Repentance

Repent Mary Magdalene
Oil on the original canvas,
(posterior frame)
17th. century.

L: 25 x H: 30,5 in without frame
L: 30,5 x H: 35,5 in with frame

Mary-Magdalene repentante (détail)

Plaster workshop

Study after Falconet, XIXth. century,
Some damage

H: 30,5 in with base

Italian dressing table

Painted wooden dressing table
Circa 1900

L: 39,5 in
D: 22,5 in
H: 27,5 in

Portrait of an elegant

Oil on canvas
Circa 1760

H:32 x L:24,5 in

Painted artist's mannequin

Sculpted and articulated manikin,
Painted face
19th century

Height : 23.6 in


Marble bust

After Houdon
Carrare marbre

H: 22 in

Portrait of a Lady

H.S.T ( ancient doubling)
Portrait of a Lady with her dog,
Company of Donatien Nonotte
Sculpted wooden original frame
Circa 1740

Without frame: 25 x 30,5 in
With frame: 30,5 x 34,5 in