"Portrait of a child"

Oil on canvas, english school, 19th century.

Height with frame: 16 in
Length with frame: 12 in

Chandelier with dangling

Chandelier with glass dangling and cristal pearls,
19th century, Piemonte, Italy.

Height: 43,3 in.
Diameter: 35,5 in.

"Portrait of a mag wearing a wig"

Oil on canvas showing a young man wearing a wig.
English school, 18th century, posterior frame.

Height with frame: 40 in.
Length with frame: 34 in.
Without frame: 33 in x 24 in.

Pair of plaster Sphinx

Pair of plaster sphinx,
circa 1900, France.
Only two casts have been made.

Height: 31,5 in.
Length: 39,8 in.
Depth: 15,4 in.

Leda with the Swan

Gilded wooden sculpture of Leda with the Swan, folk art,
circa 1780,

Height: 7,9 in.
Length: 6,7 in.

Saint Rosa of Lima

Alabaster sculpture of Saint Rosa,
17th century,

Height: 13 in. with base

Saint Luke child

Wooden sculpture of Saint Luke the Evangelist child,
late 18th century,

Height: 25,4 in.

Swedish mirror

Painted wooden mirror with a bear head sconce, beginning of 19th century, Sweden.

Length: 23,5 in.
Height: 35,5 in.

Painted wooden mirror

Painted and sculpted mirror, 18th century, Italy.

Height: 47 in.
Length: 29,5 in.

Madonna with a child

Madonna with a child, XIXth century, Spain.

Height with base: 35,5 in
Height without base: 23,5 in