Shell sofa and armchairs

Restored with a golden, changing velvet fabric.
Circa 1940

Height : 31.4 in
Seat height : 15.7 in
Length : 81.8 in
Depth : 25.5 in

Pair of armchairs, each
Height : 32.2 in
Seat height : 18.1 in
Length : 35.4 in
Depth : 25.5 in

Antic style fresco

Male nude holding a bow, fresco fixed on a canvas,
Italy, 19th century ?

Height : 65.3 in
Length : 31.8


Small mannequin

Articulated and sculpted artist's mannequin, with a very fine face, hands and feet.
One finger missing on the left hand.
19th century

Height : 12.5 in

Portrait of a lady by Jean-Louis Dulong, 1837

A lady in her evening red gown, seated in her boudoir, in front of a landscape and heavy blue velvet curtains. The details of the different fabrics are beautifuly done (velvet, silk and lace...). On her left, a bouquet still life, and on her right, her drawing material and drawings album, on the table that bears the artist's signature and execution date 'J.L.Dulong, 1837'.

51.1 x 51.1 in

Mannequin with a beard

Sculpted and articulated artist's mannequin with a long and fine body, the head propbably was a santos head and has been added, with glass eyes and painted face.
3 fingers restored on the right hand
End of the 18th, beginning of the 19th century

Height : 25.5 in

Lovers, 18th century

Genre scene, English School from the 18th century

Length : 55.1 in
Width : 43.7 in

Lovers, detail

Artist's mannequin

Sculpted and articulated mannequin, maybe a woman ? The breasts and knees particularly modeled. Circa 1800.

Height : 12.9 in

Victoire of Samothrace

plaster sculpture with a wax patina, Henri Naulot à Paris stamp,
End of the 19th century

Height : 29.9 in
Depth : 19.6 in