Italian Desk

Italian desk, in walnut, very beautiful patina. Sculpted spacer
2 drawers
18th century.

L: 55.9 inches
H: 31.5 inches
D: 26 inches
height under belt: 25.2 inches

Set of six chairs, Venise

Set of six painted and chiseled wooden chairs, seated in mulch.
Each folder is decorated with a painted folk art character.
Late 19th century

Width: 19,6 in.
Backrest height: 48in.
Seat height: 19,2 in.
Depth: 16,1 in.

Swedish mirror with a cherub

Swedish mirror with a cherub.
Painted wooden mirror with an applique in the shape of a bear's head and flowers,
a gilded wood cherub sitting on garlands at the top of the frame.
A restored flower.
Early 19th century

Length: 60 cm.
Height: 90 cm.
Width: 7,9 in.

Engraved mercury mirror, 18th. century

Engraved mercury mirror representing the scene of the Annotation. The angel Gabriel on the left holding a fleur-de-lis symbol of chaste love appears to the Virgin Mary to announce to her his miraculous conception by the Holy Spirit who is also present in the scene above the Virgin. The perspective clearly visible thanks to the tiling. Perspective makes it possible to represent infinity in a finite frame: it is the vanishing point which represents infinity. The vanishing point is the symbol of God, and the perspective is the symbol of the incarnation.

Old frame in gilded wood.
18th. c.

Height: 19,6 in.
Width: 16,5 in.
Depth: 1,1 in.

carved linden mirror, silver patina

Louis XVI remarkably sculpted "in-between" basswood mirror with original silver patina, mercury mirror
Circa 1780

H: 51.2 inch.
L: 31.2 inch

Woodwork trumeau water green lacquered

Woodwork trumeau water green lacquered. Motifs of flowers, garlands and carved and gilded foliage. Original mercury mirror.
18th century.

H: 86.6 inch.
L: 57.9 inch.

Weekly directory

Weekly directory in green painted wood. Superb patterns of garlands and carved and gilded foliage.
Early 19th c.
Savoie County

Height: 62,5 in.
Length: 24 in.
Depth: 15,7 in.

Black chest of drawers

Arblast chest of drawers, oak.
Bronze lions decoration on the hand cranks.
XVIII century

Length: 51 in
Depth: 27 in
Height: 32,5 in

Pair of Italian velvet armchairs

Pair of Italian Burgundy velvet recovered armchairs,
Circa 1940

Height (back-rest): 31,5 in
Height (seat): 19,5 in
Depth: 35,5 in
Length: 35,5 in

Shell sofa and armchairs

Restored with a golden, changing velvet fabric.
Circa 1940

Height : 31.4 in
Seat height : 15.7 in
Length : 81.8 in
Depth : 25.5 in

Pair of armchairs, each
Height : 32.2 in
Seat height : 18.1 in
Length : 35.4 in
Depth : 25.5 in