Italian console table

Neoclassicism from the 18th century, painted and gilded wood

Height : 32,6 in
Length : 53,1 in
Width : 25,9 in

Arte Povera cabinet

Painted, wooden cabinet with a very delicate paperwork decoration of leaves, flowers and insects. On the top, the grid doors open on shelves, on the bottom, two tirrors and decorated leaves also opening on shelves.

Height 82.6 in
Width 43.3 in
Depth 20.4 in

Sapphic mirror

Painted and gilted trumeau mirror, with an oil on canvas representing two women in love.
Could come from a brothel from the 19th century...

H 52,3 x L 30,7 in

Sapphic mirror, detail

Pair of silk-velvet armchairs

Pair of green-gray silk-velvet armchairs

Height : 39.3 in
Depth : 28.7 in
Length : 31.4 in

18th century stand

Painted, wooden stand or table, probably from South Germany, beginning of the 18th century.
Sculpted wth angels and vegetal patterns.

Height : 33 in x diameter of the table plate : 14.5 in

18th century stand, detail

Six Salvadori chairs, 1970

Six gilted metal chairs by Italian designer Salvadori,
Florence, 1970
The chair back with a wheat sheaf pattern, cane seat.

Height 35.4 x 15.3 x 15.3 in

Six leaves screen

18th century, six leaves screen decorated, on one side with pastoral and seasonly scenes, on the other side with vegetal patterns imitating grisaille painting.

Height 47.6 in x Length of one sheet 23.6 in
Total Length 141.7 in

18th century Spanish table

Wrought iron spacer with leaves-formed ends

Hight 32.6 in
Length 56.2 in
Width 32.6 in