"Panier" chandelier

"Panier" chandelier from the beginning of the 19th century,
Rock crystal, gilted and patinated metal

Height 43.3 in x Diameter 31.4 in

Goenovese palace chandelier

Gilded carved wood, crystal
36 lights (Clenche)
Late 18th century

Hauteur: 190 cm
Diamètre: 152 cm

Genoevese Palace chandelier. (Detail)

Genoese chandelier

12 lights
gilded wood and baroque blown glass chandelier
Late 18th C., early 19 th. C.

H: 40.5 in.
D: 35.4 in.

Leaves lamp

France, 1970's
Gilted, hammered brass

H: 26.8 in.
L: 25.6 in.
l: 16.5 in.