Mannequins, atmosphere

Rustic santos

Height 29.5 in

18th century artist manikin

Pine manikin from the late 18th century

Height : 25.9 in.

Small manikin

Early 19 th C.

H: 9.5 in.

Italian Santos

face and hands polychrome
glass eyes
custom restorations
18 th. C.

H: 22.8 in.


carved wood, stuco, glass eyes
Italy, Napoli
Circa 1780

H: 35 in.

Artist Model

(Copyright photographie: Michael Baugmarten, published in Vogue Italia)
18th C.

H: 16.5 in.

Tuscan Manikin

Rare and complete votive wood manikin. First Half of XVIII Century.

H: 66 in.