Collector’s doll

Collector’s doll, polychrome papier-mâché head from the Voit house
Body in wood and fabrics. The lines of the hand are sculpted.
Original stockings and shoes
Sulphide eyes.
Circa 1800

H:35.4 inches
L: 7.9 inches
D: 4.7 inches

Swedish mirror with a cherub

Swedish mirror with a cherub.
Painted wooden mirror with an applique in the shape of a bear's head and flowers,
a gilded wood cherub sitting on garlands at the top of the frame.
A restored flower.
Early 19th century

Length: 60 cm.
Height: 90 cm.
Width: 7,9 in.

Polychrome carved wooden angel

Polychrome carved wooden angel, it must have been part of a large composition, probably an altarpiece.
Polychrome carved wood and ... heavenly blue sulfide eyes

It is on a column and must be seated (it is also possible to hang it with the clip formerly attached to its back which is not sculpted: it should be seen from the front and from the side)
early 17th c.

H: 49.2 inch
L: 30.3 inch
P: 17.7 inch

Engraved mercury mirror, 18th. century

Engraved mercury mirror representing the scene of the Annotation. The angel Gabriel on the left holding a fleur-de-lis symbol of chaste love appears to the Virgin Mary to announce to her his miraculous conception by the Holy Spirit who is also present in the scene above the Virgin. The perspective clearly visible thanks to the tiling. Perspective makes it possible to represent infinity in a finite frame: it is the vanishing point which represents infinity. The vanishing point is the symbol of God, and the perspective is the symbol of the incarnation.

Old frame in gilded wood.
18th. c.

Height: 19,6 in.
Width: 16,5 in.
Depth: 1,1 in.

Neapolitan Virgin Child

Neapolitan Virgin Child. Carved wood, face, hands and feet finely carved covered with polychrome stucco, eyes in sulphide.

The arms are articulated and removable: these Virgins were used during processions, or in churches, chapels, oratories ... They could also illustrante passages from the Bible for the often illiterate faithful and make the holy scriptures more understandable.

The removable arms made it possible to dress them easily, in a more or less luxurious way according to the city, the village or the “individual” who owned them. They were wigged and crowned.
These Virgins, objects of devotion, have a wonderful presence.

Circa 1730

H: 42.5 inch

Busts of devotional statues

Busts of devotional statues. Set of busts of processional mannequins or devotional statues.
papier mâché covered with polychrome stucco.
sulphide eyes,
velvet base.
Circa 1750 and traces of time

These busts can be sold separately. (For details please have a look on our proantic website)

Tuscany (Arezzo)
Circa 1750

H: 13.77 inch with base

Italian Virgin

Italian Virgin,
Face and hands finely carved, covered with polychrome stucco.
Sulphide eyes
She holds a coral in her hand
And vestiges of time ...
These Virgin, devotional statues were found in churches, chapels and oratories. They were dressed, this one keeps some traces of the fabrics with which it was dressed.
Circa 1750

H: 13,4 inch.

carved linden mirror, silver patina

Louis XVI remarkably sculpted "in-between" basswood mirror with original silver patina, mercury mirror
Circa 1780

H: 51.2 inch.
L: 31.2 inch

A tiny manikin with a lace collar

A tiny manikin with a lace collar, a marvelous primitive and deliciously refined painter's manikin.
Face and hands finely sculpted and polychromed, lace collar, bracelet in coral and eyes in sulphide.
In one word ... a marvel
Circa 1900

H: 9 inch.

Allegories of autumn and summer

Allegories of autumn and summer. Pair of terracotta sculptures, monumental and sensual.

Manufacture de Choisy le Roi (1890/1910)
Late 19th. C.

Height: 78,7 in
Length: 23,6 in