Victoire of Samothrace

plaster sculpture with a wax patina, Henri Naulot à Paris stamp,
End of the 19th century

Height : 29.9 in
Depth : 19.6 in

Wooden Jesus child

Painted wood, glass eyes, resting on a metal base.
One finger of the left hand and the right foot replaced.

Height : 25.1 in
Width : 8.6 in

Loving Madona

Wooden, sculpted and painted Madona, her glass eyes almost closed in a loving expression.
Italy, 18th century

Height : 15.7 in

Miniature portrait, 18th century

Portrait of a quality lady painted on ivory, the back made of mother-of-pearl.
Original frame in finely chiseled vermeil
18th century

Height: 2 in
Length: 1,5 in

Painted wooden Mary Magdalene

Mary Magdalene painted wooden sculpture, lying down, looks ecstatic and the arm resting on a skull.
Glass eyes
An extraordinary piece, maybe allegory of acedia and melancholy.
Italy, 18th. century.

Length: 26 inches
Width: 10 inches

Painted wooden Mary Magdalene, detail

Painted plumb Salvator Mundi

His face, chest, legs and arms painted, rests on a wooden base.
Flanders or Spain
Late 17th century

Height : 19.6 in (without base)

Italian feet, 17th century

Two terracotta feet, with rests of painting, laced in a pair of embroidered sandals, with a velvet sole. Beautiful sculpture work from the end of the 16th, beginning of the 17th century. Probably part of a sculpture.

Length : 9 in
Height : 4.3 in

Terracotta feet, detail

Republican miniature, end of the 18th century

Two young boys dressed in the French fashion of late 18th century, wearing the revolutionary cockade and dressed in the French Republican colours, blue, red and white.
Miniature on paper,
Signed: fait par Thérèse de... 1796

6.5 x 5.3 in.