Two heads

On the left, a painted head, with Danjard "breveté en 1860" stamp, a knob on its neck, resting on a wooden stand.
On the right, a painted head and bust, its head dressed with a French Savoyard bonnet with lace and blue silk ribbons.

Danjard head : height : 9.4 in (without stand) and 18.8 in (with its stand)
Savoyard head : height : 15.7 in.

Rustic santos

Height 29.5 in

Painted Terracotta Jesus

Painted Terracotta Jesus child with glass eyes from the 18th century
Modern stand

Height 8.2 in

Marriage mirror from Provence

"Beaucaire" marriage mirror,
Provence, France, 18th century, Louis XV period

Height 46,8 in x Width 31,1 in

Wooden Jesus child

On a sculpted, wooden stand
Gilted hair, painted face and glass eyes
Missing a finger (right hand index)

Height 18,1 in

Terracotta 'Turquerie' from the 18th century

Pair of terracotta women from the end of the 18th century, dressed in an oriental, "turquerie" way.
Differences of pose, outfit, hairdress and faces
France or Italie
Grey painting probably from the 19th century

Length 31.4 in
Width 23.6 in
Height 9.8 in

Smiling Cage Doll

bois sculpté recouvert de stuc polychrome sur les mains et le visage
yeux en sulfure
base postérieure
circa 1830

H: 53 cm

19th century mirror

Alterpiece elements from France, 18th century, assembled as a mirror in the 19th century

Hight 31.4 in
Width 21.6 in

fallen angels in carved wood

Paire de bois sculptés
Anges, greffes de bois au niveau de l'ancienne attache des ailes
Restaurations et manques, base postérieure
Sud de l'Europe
début 18 ème s.

H: 80 cm
(Hors socle: 69 cm)

Antic style bas relief

plaster bas relief with two women, possibly allegories, dressed in an Antic style.
20th century
shellac traces, signed "JPL" lower right corner

Height 37 inches x Length 27.9 inches