Pair of Grisailles, allegory of the hunt

18 th C.

H: 47.2 in.
L: 39.7 in.

Sculpture from Raoul Lamourdedieu

Mahogany direct cut
signed, Raoul Lamourdedieu (1857-1953)
End of the 19th, beginning of the 20th century

L: 31,5 in.
l: 9,4 in.
H: 8,6 in.

Silk and embroiddered panel

Silk and embroiddered panel

15.7 x 18.1 in without frame
18.1 x 15.7 with the frame

Terracotta, Silenus and Bacchus

Terracotta, Silenus and Bacchus
Bacchus was born from the loves of Jupiter and Semele.
After the tragic death of his mother and to protect his son from Juno's fury, Jupiter entrusts Bacchus to Silenus.
This satyr is at the same time the image of drunkenness and Wisdom.
He became the child's foster father and gave his divine protégé lessons in philosophy. This strange old man when he was not drunk was a great sage and this double identity is found in Bacchus.
Our terracotta is a reproduction made in Impruneta, near Florence, a town renowned for the quality of its achievements and whose production is protected by a controlled designation.
This sculpture is made after that of Simon Mazière (1649-1722) for the park of the Palace of Versailles. He himself was inspired by a Roman copy (mid-2nd century AD) after a Greek original from the school of Lysippus, (4th century BC)
This myth Sylène and Dionysos then Sylène and Bacchus among the Romans will inspire many artists. Italy (Impuneta)
Circa 1900 - 1930

H: 38.6 in.

Terracotta, Silenus and Bacchus, detail

Silenus and Dionysus, Detail of the back

Portrait of a young woman with a rose

oil on canvas
original frame
circa 1790

34.2 x 26.4 in.

Portrait of a young woman with a rose, atmosphere

Fishing scene

Fishing scene against the backdrop of a landscape surrounded by a frieze of rockery and crowned.
Large canvas, painted like a painted canvas.
The richness of this decoration contrasts with the subject and gives the painting its originality. Some details are remarkable like the dead tree on the left side which blends into the frieze, the shadows cast by the fishermen which bring them to life, and the beauty of the treatment of the rock gardens, and the landscapes in the background.
Lots of depth that opens up the room like a window in trompe l'oeil.
18th century.

H: 86.6 in.
L: 53.9 in.

Set of 4 midcentury chairs

Pale pink velvet
Circa 1950

H: 42.5 in.
L: 16.5 in.
P: 17.3 in.