carved wood, stuco, glass eyes
Italy, Napoli
Circa 1780

H: 35 in.

Terracotta Bust

Terracotta, patinated plaster imitating terracotta for the base
Signed on the back, Fernand Cian
Circa 1900

Fernando Ciancianaini (1889-1954) signs under "Ferdinand Cian" and is the student of famous French sculptor Alexandre Falguière. He presents his works various times at the Salon des Artistes Français in Paris, from 1908 to 1928, with an honorable mention in 1921. Cian specializes in children busts in the taste of the French 18th century. He sometimes signs his pastiches with famous artists' names, or with his own, and sometimes backdates. It's the case on 2 of his busts of children present in the Musée du Louvre.

H: 21 in.
l: 16 in.

Set of 6 Venitian chairs

Circa 1880

H: 37.7 in.
D: 16.9 in
Base height:18.1 in.

Portrait of a Lady, with a blue shawl

school of David
Circa 1800

L: 32.6 in.
l: 27.5 in.

Still life

Atributed to Pier Francesco Cittadini
17 th C.

L: 38 in.
l: 25.5 in.

Arte Povera Mirror

18 th C.

H: 31.5 in.
L: 16 in.

Artist Model

(Copyright photographie: Michael Baugmarten, published in Vogue Italia)
18th C.

H: 16.5 in.

Silent Partner

19 th C.

H: 33 in.

Tuscan Manikin

Rare and complete votive wood manikin. First Half of XVIII Century.

H: 66 in.


Limited prints (3)
Didier Ben Loulou

39.4 x 39.4 in.
with frame (anti reflection glass) 41.3 x 41.3 in.