Italian Virgin

Italian Virgin,
Face and hands finely carved, covered with polychrome stucco.
Sulphide eyes
She holds a coral in her hand
And vestiges of time ...
These Virgin, devotional statues were found in churches, chapels and oratories. They were dressed, this one keeps some traces of the fabrics with which it was dressed.
Circa 1750

H: 13,4 inch.

carved linden mirror, silver patina

Louis XVI remarkably sculpted "in-between" basswood mirror with original silver patina, mercury mirror
Circa 1780

H: 51.2 inch.
L: 31.2 inch

A tiny manikin with a lace collar

A tiny manikin with a lace collar, a marvelous primitive and deliciously refined painter's manikin.
Face and hands finely sculpted and polychromed, lace collar, bracelet in coral and eyes in sulphide.
In one word ... a marvel
Circa 1900

H: 9 inch.

Allegories of autumn and summer

Allegories of autumn and summer. Pair of terracotta sculptures, monumental and sensual.

Manufacture de Choisy le Roi (1890/1910)
Late 19th. C.

Height: 78,7 in
Length: 23,6 in

Allegories of autumn and summer (Detail)

Meerschaum pipe, female hand model

Lovely carved female hand and lace cuff.
Amber and meerschaum pipe

Circa 1800

Length: 7,8 in.
Height: 3,9 in.

Roman woman

Polychrome wooden bust of a Roman patrician.
sulphide eyes
Circa 1800

Hight: 18,5 in.
Length: 18 in.
Depth: 8,5 in.

Miniature representing an Allegory

Miniature representing an allegory.
There is a mask, an inverted cup, a dagger, a rosary. The triumph of true faith?
the painting is very delicate, each character having the pictorial characteristics of a different era.
a cut on the wood can make you think of a fan study
a very beautiful object, almost a curiosity ...
This painting brings together in itself the symbols of ancient and Christian cultures. Probably on the left it is the muse of the tragedy Melpomène, recognizable according to his attributes (headband in the hair, tragic mask). Her naked clothes, her expressive look, a very lively gaze contrasted with the austerity of the woman on the right holding a dagger (symbol of martyrdom) and a rosary. In the middle is Christ child in a chalice on the ground symbolizing the redemptive sacrifice.
19th c.

Height: 13,4 in.
Length: 9 in.

Memento mori pipe, Circa 1900

Memento mori pipe, a human skull supported by a woman's hand, sea foam and amber, from the JB Vinche brand, herbal market since 1864, with its case.

​​​​​​​SPRL Vinche & Koopmans was born from the merger of two family businesses which had collaborated for a long time. It was in 1864 that Jean-Baptiste Vinche opened in Brussels, rue de l'Escalier, a small store specializing in the sale of imported luxury pipes. 
The artisanal manufacture of the pipe in white foam or calcined from the blank, is a very delicate job, and the pipe workers took several years to acquire the necessary know-how. It was a success, and the name Vinche became synonymous with quality. The true pipe lover at that time was proud to exhibit a pipe signed with this name. Thus the Vinche house obtained the highest distinctions at the exhibitions of Antwerp in 1884, Brussels in 1897, Paris in 1900, St-Louis in 1904, Turin in 1911 and many others.
Circa 1900,
Brussels, Belgium

5,9 in. x 2,9 in.

Louis XV « Chatelaine »

Louis XV chatelaine gilded with mercury and bears a stamp in Agate, a carnelian.
it has a superb look worn as a pendant.

The chatelaine is that exquisite piece of jewelry that women used to hang from their belts. It consists of a large hook whose front is finely decorated, and several chains ending in charms (scissors, watch, seal ...)
It was fashionable at the start of the 18th century. And very quickly the men grab it and hang it on their waistcoats. When the neoclassical fashion took hold which made the size disappear, the jewel fell into disuse and returned in 1820 when the size was again marked. Empress Eugenie wore a lot.

H: 5.1 inch
L: 1.9 inch