Wooden Jesus child

Painted wood, glass eyes, resting on a metal base.
One finger of the left hand and the right foot replaced.

Height : 25.1 in
Width : 8.6 in

Loving Madona

Wooden, sculpted and painted Madona, her glass eyes almost closed in a loving expression.
Italy, 18th century

Height : 15.7 in

Oval portrait of a woman

Oil on canvas, maybe fragment of a larger composition ?
19th century
Gilded wooden frame

With frame, height : 19.6 in x width :16.9 in

Miniature portrait, 18th century

Portrait of a quality lady painted on ivory, the back made of mother-of-pearl.
Original frame in finely chiseled vermeil
18th century

Height: 2 in
Length: 1,5 in

18th century console table

Italy, with painted vegetal patterns and the top imitating green hard stone.

Height : 31.1 in
Length : 52.7 in
Depth : 18.5 in

Painted wooden Mary Magdalene

Mary Magdalene painted wooden sculpture, lying down, looks ecstatic and the arm resting on a skull.
Glass eyes
An extraordinary piece, maybe allegory of acedia and melancholy.
Italy, 18th. century.

Length: 26 inches
Width: 10 inches

Painted wooden Mary Magdalene, detail

Lacquered lantern, Venice

Green and gilded, lacquered, sheet metal lantern with a vegetal decor.
6 glass skylights.
Venice, 19th century

Height : 39,5 in
Diameter : 19,5 in

Pair of Genoese chandeliers

Two identical gilded wooden chandeliers, 6 lights.
19th century

Height : 41.7 in
Diameter : 26.7 in

Painted plumb Salvator Mundi

His face, chest, legs and arms painted, rests on a wooden base.
Flanders or Spain
Late 17th century

Height : 19.6 in (without base)