Box for a woman in love

Burr and scale box, with a miniature representing a lady in an 18th century interior, on a sofa, kissing the portrait of her beloved whose letter she just read.
After an engraving by Louis Bonnet (1736-1793), on a subject by Jean-Baptiste Huet (1745-1811).
France, 19th century

Diameter: 3.1 in
Height: 0.7 in

Small ivory box, 18th century

Ivory box with a grisaille style miniature, representing a love allegory, in the taste of French miniaturist Piat-Joseph Sauvage (1744-1818).
The inside in red scale.
France, 18th century

Diameter : 2.3 in
Height : 0.7 in

French 18th century precious box

Scale and gold box with an ivory miniature representing a woman, dressed in the Antic style, putting a laurel crown on a column marked "l'amour et l'amitié les réunit" ("love and friendship reunites them") in french. At her feet, two embracing doves.
France, end of the 18th century

Diameter : 2.7 in
Height : 0.7 in

Venetian glass mirror

Venetian mirror, glass engraved with bords on branches and flowers.
A few replacements (3 small glass mirrors?)
Circa 1900

Height : 36.2 in
Length : 28.3 in

Young woman taking her shoe off

18th century French school, oil on canvas representing an elegant, young woman, taking her shoe off and revealing her nudity...

Height (with frame) : 24.8 in
Length (with frame) : 21.2 in

Height (without frame) : 21.2 in
Length (without frame) : 17.3 in

Artist's mannequins

Three artist's wooden mannequins, from left to right :
Sculpted and articulated mannequin, maybe a woman ? The breasts and knees particularly modeled. Circa 1800.
Small sculpted and articulated mannequin, light wood, the face nicely sculpted, first part of the 19th century.
Small sculpted and articulated mannequin, beautiful patina, circa 1800.

All mannequins are sold separately.

From left to right :
Height : 12.9 in
Height : 9.4 in
Height : 9.8 in

Pair of large trumeau mirrors

Two trumeau mirrors, in painted and gilded wood. Sculpted leaves garlands and shells, some replacements.
Italy, beginning of the 19th century

Height : 85 in
Length : 40.1 in

Jesus Shepherd

Ivory sculpture representing Jesus as a Shepherd, partly lacquered and gilded, glass eyes, resting on a wooden, gilded and lacquered stand.
Spain, beginning of the 19th century

Height : 13.3 in

Italian Chandelier

Gilted Bamboo leaves chandelier
circa 1940

Height: 16 inches
Diameter: 19 inches

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