Painted Terracotta Jesus

Painted Terracotta Jesus child with glass eyes from the 18th century
Modern stand

Height 8.2 in

Goenovese palace chandelier

Gilded carved wood, crystal
36 lights (Clenche)
Late 18th century

Hauteur: 190 cm
Diamètre: 152 cm

Genoevese Palace chandelier. (Detail)

Marriage mirror from Provence

"Beaucaire" marriage mirror,
Provence, France, 18th century, Louis XV period

Height 46,8 in x Width 31,1 in

Study for a man's head

Louis Matout (1811-1888), study for the head of the man at the left of the painting "Ambroise Paré appliquant pour la première fois la ligature aux artères après amputation" that was ordered by French Beaux-Arts minister Achille Fould to Louis Matout in 1852, for the Ecole de Médecine of Paris. The paintings realized by the artist for the school burned in a fire in 1889.

14.5 x 18.11 in

Wooden Jesus child

On a sculpted, wooden stand
Gilted hair, painted face and glass eyes
Missing a finger (right hand index)

Height 18,1 in

Portrait of Alice Yarker, circa 1750

English school, oil on canvas with its frame, 'Alice Yarker' inscription on the frame.

Height 17.7 in x Length 15.7 in (with frame)
Height 12.9 x Length 11.4 in (without frame)

Terracotta 'Turquerie' from the 18th century

Pair of terracotta women from the end of the 18th century, dressed in an oriental, "turquerie" way.
Differences of pose, outfit, hairdress and faces
France or Italie
Grey painting probably from the 19th century

Length 31.4 in
Width 23.6 in
Height 9.8 in

Portraitof a girl, 1889

Oval portrait of young Louise Guesde, daughter of Jules Guesde (1845-1922), by Spanish painter Fernando Tirado, trained in the Beaux-Arts School of Sevilla, and by painters Cano in Spain and Gérôme in Paris, France. Tirado also exhibited his work in the famous Salon parisien, between 1879 and 1884.

Height 22.8 in
Width 16.5 in

18th century Spanish table

Wrought iron spacer with leaves-formed ends

Hight 32.6 in
Length 56.2 in
Width 32.6 in