Oil on canvas
18th C.

Without frame: 22.5 x 26 in.
With frame: 28 x 31.5 in

Italian feet, 17th century

Two terracotta feet, with rests of painting, laced in a pair of embroidered sandals, with a velvet sole. Beautiful sculpture work from the end of the 16th, beginning of the 17th century. Probably part of a sculpture.

Length : 9 in
Height : 4.3 in

Terracotta feet, detail

Republican miniature, end of the 18th century

Two young boys dressed in the French fashion of late 18th century, wearing the revolutionary cockade and dressed in the French Republican colours, blue, red and white.
Miniature on paper,
Signed: fait par Thérèse de... 1796

6.5 x 5.3 in.

Pair of swan sculpted armchairs

Pair of poplar sculpted, painted and gilded armchairs, the armrest sculpted with swans.
Italy, 19th century

Height : 44 in
Length : 22.4 in
Depth : 21.6 in

Pair of sculpted swan armchairs, detail

Bust of a little girl, Fernand Cian

Terracotta bust of a little girl by Fernand Cian (1889-1954) on a marble stand, in the taste of the 18th century portraits. She looks at her pendant, the little boy...
Beginning of the 20th century.

Fernando Ciancianaini signs under "Ferdinand Cian" and is the student of famous French sculptor Alexandre Falguière. He presents his works various times at the Salon des Artistes Français in Paris, from 1908 to 1928, with an honorable mention in 1921. Cian specializes in children busts in the taste of the French 18th century. He sometimes signs his pastiches with famous artists' names, or with his own, and sometimes backdates. It's the case on 2 of his busts of children present in the Musée du Louvre.

Height : 21.2 in

Small ivory box, 18th century

Ivory box with a grisaille style miniature, representing a love allegory, in the taste of French miniaturist Piat-Joseph Sauvage (1744-1818).
The inside in red scale.
France, 18th century

Diameter : 2.3 in
Height : 0.7 in

Russian style chandelier

Neoclassical chandelier with palm leaves,
beginning of the 20th century

Height : 31.4 in
Diameter : 23.6 in

Fratino table

Fratino table, with sculpted feet. The four rounded edges can be folded.
Italy, 18th century

Height : 31.4 in
Length when open : 48.4 in
Width when open : 47.6 in