Extraordinary processional Virgin

Processional Virgin, bisque head, terracotta hands, soft body stuffed with straw, sulphide eyes, original dress and socks. The Virgin rests on its original base in gilded wood.

18th century,


Stern figure for the rear castle

Stern figure for the rear castle of a Spanish galleon, in polychrome wood representing a bust of allegorical sculpture crowned with flowers and fruits, symbol of abundance.

XVII century

Collector’s doll

Collector’s doll, polychrome papier-mâché head from the Voit house
Body in wood and fabrics. The lines of the hand are sculpted.

Polychrome carved wooden angel

Polychrome carved wooden angel, it must have been part of a large composition, probably an altarpiece.
Polychrome carved wood and … heavenly blue sulfide eyes

Neapolitan Virgin Child

Neapolitan Virgin Child. Carved wood, face, hands and feet finely carved covered with polychrome stucco, eyes in sulphide.

Busts of devotional statues

Busts of devotional statues. Set of busts of processional mannequins or devotional statues.
papier mâché covered with polychrome stucco.
sulphide eyes,
velvet base.
Circa 1750 and traces of time