Neapolitan Virgin Child

Neapolitan Virgin Child. Carved wood, face, hands and feet finely carved covered with polychrome stucco, eyes in sulphide.

The arms are articulated and removable: these Virgins were used during processions, or in churches, chapels, oratories … They could also illustrante passages from the Bible for the often illiterate faithful and make the holy scriptures more understandable.

The removable arms made it possible to dress them easily, in a more or less luxurious way according to the city, the village or the “individual” who owned them. They were wigged and crowned.
These Virgins, objects of devotion, have a wonderful presence.

Circa 1730

Height: 42.5 in.
Width: 15,7 in.
Depth: 14,1 in.

Do you have questions?

Do you have questions?