Pair of portrait in pastel by Louis Vigée

These pastels represent two sisters.

Louis Vigée (1715-1767) is a French pastel artist specializing in portraits, member of the Academy of Saint Luke. He had two children, including the famous portrait painter Elisabeth Vigée Le Brun.

Louis Vigée transmitted to his daughter the passion for portraiture and was her first master. Thereafter Elisabeth will become painter of the court and favorite of Marie-Antoinette. This great painter will also be recognized internationally and worked for the court of the Emperor of Vienna and for the Emperor of Russia.

18th century
gilded wooden frame,

Dimensions with frame of the eldest painting:
Height: 19,29 inch (49cm)
Width: 16,14 inch (41cm)

Dimensions without frame:
Height: 16,14 inch (41cm)
Width: 14,56 inch (37cm)

Dimensions with frame of the younger painting:
Height: 19,68 inch (50cm)
Width:16,14 inch  (41cm)

Dimensions without frame:
Height: 18,18 inch (46.2cm)
Width: 14,96 inch (38cm)

Do you have questions?

Do you have questions?