The Sicilian, early 18th century

Oil on canvas, portrait of a woman with a fan, beautiful rendering of brocade, precious stones, lace, drapery, especially expression. It is on its original canvas. In 18th century society the fan played a complex role. He is first and foremost an ambassador, making it possible to distinguish his holder, whether by social rank or interests. It also attracts attention with the richness of its materials and the perfection of the work of the craftsman. But the fan also gives the woman who wears it the opportunity to stage herself and, like a rich and complex mask, allows her to play with the image offered to viewers, responding to multiple codes.
Early 18th century,
Italian school

Height: 73,5 cm (28,9 in)

Width: 60 cm (23,6 in)

Depth: 2 cm (0,7 in)

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Do you have questions?