Young woman with fruit bowl

This young woman is dressed in a dress embroidered with gold thread and a blue drape also embroidered. The richness of the fabrics and the jewels show its belonging to the aristocracy.

Wearing a feather, symbol of the lightness of the feminine, she holds a cup of apples, temptation, the forbidden fruit … Next to these apples of grapes, the origin of the wine, they represent the blood of the Christ and his Passion. Woman’s beauty is temptation, but wooing her is forbidden. It only exists for those who deserve it, it is a reward for the work and patience of men.

Our beautiful lady is an allegory …

That of the forbidden fruit, and of the divine origin of carnal love.

Italian school late 17th century.


With the frame : 45,2×60,2 inch

Without the frame : 33,8×52,7 inch

Do you have questions?

Do you have questions?