Fragment Of A Sculpture “Caliope”

Fragment of a terracotta sculpture depicting Caliope. The figure is shown standing. Visible attributes of Caliope on the base the inscription Caliope Poesia Erotica

Calliope (“beautiful voice”) is described as a young girl with a majestic air, her forehead surrounded by a golden crown which indicates her supremacy over the other Muses, according to Hesiod.
Calliope was often depicted in art as a figure holding a tablet and stylus, as if preparing to write the next great epic poem.

France XIX century

Larger:  21,6 inch  (55 cm)

Hauteur:  32,2 inch  (82 cm)

Profondeur:  17,3 inch  (44cm)


Do you have questions?

Do you have questions?