“Triumphant Jesus Child “, Andalusia Spain 17th century

“Triumphant Child Jesus” round polychrome lead sculpture, polychrome carved wooden base.

During the seventeenth century, images of devotion in polychrome tin multiplied, especially for the Indian market.

This Christ is represented as a smiling child with a chubby body, standing in a pleasant attitude.

The sculpture depicts the dual nature of Christ: human and divine. Total nakedness refers to the human nature of the Son. The blessing gesture of the right hand and the globe he holds from the left, however, recall his divine nature as Saviour of the world (Salvator Mundi).

Images and statuettes of the Child Jesus in Salvator Mundi are frequent from the 1500s. They respond to new forms of devotion, more embodied and intimate. These representations are meditation and prayer supports in the private sphere. They are appreciated both in the laity and in convents, where devotional practices develop that favor reduced formats and manipulable objects. This Child, who could be manipulated, dressed or rocked, is part of these “modern” practices.

17th century,

Andalusia, Spain

Height: 14,96 inch (38cm)
Width : 9,05 inch (23cm)
Depth : 7,28 inch (18,5cm)

Do you have questions?

Do you have questions?