Salvator Mundi, Spain XVIII

Our Salvator Mundi is dressed in red and gold. The movements of her clothing give life to the sculpture.
Her gaze is intense thanks to her sulphide eyes and raised eyelashes.

18th century

Saint Lucia sculpture

Our wooden sculpture of Saint Lucia is dressed in green, red with gold threads. Her eyes are blue to represent the purity of her soul and the period when she was blind. Around his neck is a cross.

18th century

Marble sculpture representing Flora

This sculpture dates back to the 17th century, we find the canons of beauty of the Hellenistic period taken up by classicism: straight nose, perfect profile… It is a return to ancient sculpture, to Greek beauty: A harmonious face presaged a soul just as pure.

From the 18th century, Flora will be represented with a large crown of flowers and fruits.

Circa 1680


Sculpture of a bather, XVIII

Sculpture representing a young woman going to the bath.
She delicately holds a basket of flowers in her right hand.

Late 18th century.