Lady’s office said “Capuchin”

This lady’s desk has the particularity of being transformed.
When you open the tray, you will see a circular step appear, reminiscent of the hood of the monks of the Capuchin order.
The tray is the perfect size for writing or working on the computer.

Early XIX

Salvator Mundi, Spain XVIII

Our Salvator Mundi is dressed in red and gold. The movements of her clothing give life to the sculpture.
Her gaze is intense thanks to her sulphide eyes and raised eyelashes.

18th century

Roller desk, 19th century

Desk composed of a roll and a tray covered with a black leather hand rest.

This exceptional object has hiding places that only the most experienced can find.

19th century

Reliquary frame of Saint Mary Magdalene

Paperolle reliquary frame of Saint Mary Magdalene with the relics of St Colombe, St Julien, St Cyprien, St Benoit and St Boniface.

This paperolle represents a small chapel dedicated to Mary Magdalene, on the hotel a crucified Christ is surrounded by Mary Magdalene and the praying Virgin.

18th century,