Portrait of a young woman with a pig’s head

Would this represent his mood or his generous temperament?

This young woman wears a blue dress and a blue ribbon tied in her hair. In his right hand is an object whose handle is made of silver and mother-of-pearl.

19th Century

Young man, english school XVIII

Oil on canvas depicting a young man against a landscape background.

This young man is probably the young Charles Beauclerk (1670 – 1726), the first Duke of Saint-Albans, son of King Charles II and his mistress Nell Gwynne.

18th century
English School
Surroundings of the painter Godfrey Kneller (1646-1723)

Firewall, Circa 1800

Double-sided firewall
Silk painted and embroidered on one side.
The other side represents a basket of flowers and fruits embroidered and painted.

Structure composed of two columns.
The base ends in lion’s feet.

Mahogany, silk, glass and brass

Circa 1800,