Antinous In Dionysus

Antinous is the favorite of Emperor Hadrian. In fact of his beauty, he drowned in the Nile under mysterious circumstances …

Circa 1920/1930
Gypsothèque from Milan, Italy

Pair of Flares

Pair of large gilded wood candelabra

Provenance: personal collection of Juliette Greco. A photo exists, which shows the artist in her  interior, next to the flares.

XIX siècle


Plaster Apollo

Bust of Apollo paster cast

Her abundant hair is made of long wavy locks, some of which are pulled back to the top of the forehead and tied, probably not to avoid the generosity in the action.

This type of hairstyle is frequently found in Aphrodires in the bath or Artemis hunting.

Circa 1920/1930

Gyspothèque de Milan, Italy


Plaster Diane

Plaster bust of Diana

They arpunished … Diane helped her mother to bring Apollo into the world, to thank her Zeus her father gave her a gift, she chose … chastity. Our bust shows its delicate and wild beauty.

Circa 1900

Console, 18th century

Console in polychrome sculpted wood, with 4 arched legs, with acanthus leaves and flowers patterns, faux marble patina on the top typical of Italian furniture. XVIII century
Lucca, Italy