“Virgin and Child”, 18th century, Italy

Sculpture in painted and gilded wood “Virgin and Child” on its base.

Inspired by the classic model, Mary is represented standing on a pedestal, holding the Child on her left arm.
Wearing fine sandals, she is draped in a dress with soft pleats, and wears a hairstyle of very decorative braided braids covered with a light veil. The classicism and elegance of the design, but above all the characteristic face and the sulphide eyes bring her to life.
In the base is a reliquary with an inscription:

D-Bike. BV-M (di velo Beata Vergine Maria)
“From the Veil Blessed Virgin Mary”

Width 40cm.

Height 96cm.

​​​​​​​Depth 25 cm.

XVIII century


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Do you have questions?