Articulated rare doll, XVIII century

Rare doll completely articulated in carved wood having preserved its polychromy and its clothes in damask silk, gold lace and velvet.
Model dolls in the sixteenth century were nicknamed “Pandora”, different from the great Neapolitan santons or capipotes.

They were used to spread Parisian fashion in European courts. Nothing was left to chance in their making, the clothes had to be cared for in their smallest details, the tops and the undersides as well as the hairstyle, makeup and perfume.
Particular care has been taken to the finely carved face and having preserved its polychromy.
The same care was given to the hands much greater than in reality.
All joints work, fully pegged she can sit, stand and keep the attitudes given.
a few small gaps

Height 46 cm.

18th century


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Do you have questions?