Lamp with giraffe, circa 1900

Table lamp in brass in the shape of palm trees and giraffe with shade in wild silk green water.
Electrification to the standards,

From 1860 in England the aesthetic movement took shape, in reaction to the unsightly series creations and the social and moral rigidities of the Victorian period (1837-1901). Its protagonists, painters, poets, illustrators, craftsmen, collectors, architects… far from offering a uniform collective style, find through decorative arts and interior decoration a true art of living. Devoting a true cult to beauty , men such as John Ruskin (1819-1900) or Oscar Wilde (1854-1900), British poets and writers, believe that the fauna, flora and the most beautiful works of different eras and cultures, must serve as models for contemporary creations. Initially, the decors take the Gothic as a model, then move away in favor of the extra-European cultures that become an inexhaustible source of inspiration. They are all the more accessible as the Universal Exhibitions present the creations of different regions of the world: Egypt, Persia, the East, India and the Far East.
The 1900s are also those of colonialism, our lamp is inspired by these exotic and distant countries.
Edwardian period, circa 1900

Height: 69 cm

Diameter: 40 cm

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Do you have questions?