“Madonna and Child”, fixed under glass, 19th century, according to Pierre Mignard

Under glass painting represented in a molded gilded frame, after Pierre Mignard french painter (Troyes 1612-Paris 1695)

a student of Vouet, he worked in Italy, especially in Rome, from 1635 to 1657, before joining Paris at the request of Louis XIV. From this representation, certain variations of Pierre Mignard are known. The current painting was created based on a model of one of his paintings.
The original is now located at the Nancy Museum of Fine Arts.

The Virgin gently holds her Child with her two protective hands with an expression combining nobility and simplicity.
The faces of the protagonists, especially that of the blond and curly child, are indeed absolutely magnificent.
The dark background brings out luminous complexions and accentuates the volume of faces and bodies.

19th century

Height: 52 cm

Width: 44 cm

Do you have questions?

Do you have questions?