Young girl with a bouquet, 18th century

Oil on canvas representing a young girl holding a bouquet of flowers.

She has no jewelry but the quality of the dress tells us that she belongs to high society.The painter wanted to show us his talent by the draperies and the finely made lace. The purity of the young girl is represented by her white dress but also by her porcelain complexion.

She is holding a bouquet of flowers made up of roses, a symbol of love. Narcissi are among the first flowers that bloom in spring, so this young girl represents renewal. Flowers show the splendor of the ephemeral, the beauty of youth.

This painting dates from the end of the Baroque period, we find the large sheet in the background characteristic of the Baroque, reminiscent of theater curtains. On the other hand, the soft porcelain complexion with rosy cheeks announces the beginning of Rococo.

Important frame in gilded wood

Circa 1730

Dimensions with frame:
Height: 46,45 inch (118cm)
​​​​​​​Width: 30,90 inch (78,5cm)

Dimensions with frame:
Height: 57,08 inch (145 cm)
​​​​​​​Width: 35,4 inch (90cm)

Do you have questions?

Do you have questions?