Swedish mirror with a cherub

Swedish mirror with a cherub.
Painted wooden mirror with an applique in the shape of a bear’s head and flowers,
a gilded wood cherub sitting on garlands at the top of the frame.

Mary Magdalene, 17th c.

Oil on wood showing Mary Magdalene.
Mary Magdalene is represented with the perfume that she spread on the feet of Christ before wiping them with her hair, an initiating scene which makes her the beloved of Christ: “Your faith has saved you, go in peace” .
The sinner will become the apostle of the Apostles, the figure of the woman who loved Christ the most.

Gilded mirror, 19th century

Gilded, wooden mirror with its original mercure glass. Carved pedimont with flowers and shell.
End of the 18th, beginning of the 19th century.