Trumeau, Revolution period

Trumeau in gilded wood with an oil on canvas on the upper part representing a goddess Themis, goddess of justice holding a balance in his left hand,  in his right hand an olive branch symbol of peace leaning on a cornucopia poured over a flock of white chicks. His foot touches a broken sword with a silouette of King Louis XVI probably. A putto holds a band with the inscription on it: Peace Abundance Justice Equality”. Original mercury ice cream. Original canvas.
Late 18th century

Louis XV period mirror

Carved and gilded wooden mirror with its original mercury mirror.
Decoration of acanthus leaves.

18th century, Louis XV period

Psyche in walnut burl, circa 1900

Psyche in walnut burl.
High quality psyche in walnut covered with walnut burl.
Elements in ciselled bronze.

This psyche is characteristic of the shift from Art Nouveau to Art Deco.

Mirror, XVIII century

Mercury mirror, original floor, carved and gilded wooden frame, laurel branch motif, vase pediment and profiled medallion,
XVIII century,