Painted canvas, late XVII century

Painted canvas representing a couple of Triton and Naiad children in a garden decor at the fountain of the Four-Dolphins in Aix en Provence, trompe l’oeil frame with foliage decor.

End of the 17th century,
Provence, France.

Saint Michael in carved wood, XVII century

Polychrome carved wood representing Saint Michael slaying the devil during the War of the Angels. He bears on his shield the inscription: “Qui si cur Deus” (who is like God).

17th century,

Spain or Italy.

Ivory hand, 19th century

An ivory hand and finely chiseled lace cuff in vermeil, pill box, an object of decoration of unparalleled refinement to put on the letters of ladies… or gentlemen.
Napoleon III period,

Extraordinary processional Virgin

Processional Virgin, bisque head, terracotta hands, soft body stuffed with straw, sulphide eyes, original dress and socks. The Virgin rests on its original base in gilded wood.

18th century,