Extraordinary processional Virgin

Processional Virgin, bisque head, terracotta hands, soft body stuffed with straw, sulphide eyes, original dress and socks. The Virgin rests on its original base in gilded wood.

18th century,


Family portrait, 19th century

Oil on canvas, family portrait.

In the middle of the 19th century, the bourgeoisie, actor and beneficiary of the industrial revolution, wanted to leave to posterity the image of its economic and social success. Failing to belong to a noble line, she celebrates the family, keystone of this new bourgeois model. The challenge is then to create an image for yourself at the same time as to build a genealogy, a historical legitimacy…

19th century,


Perfumery display

Perfumery display, made in Italy around 1900 for the Grasse perfumeries. Painted and carved wood with gold leaf motifs, polylobed top opening with two drawers. A wonder of the Belle Epoque!
Circa 1900,

Stern figure for the rear castle

Stern figure for the rear castle of a Spanish galleon, in polychrome wood representing a bust of allegorical sculpture crowned with flowers and fruits, symbol of abundance.

XVII century