Incredible ventriloquist

This conjurer’s automaton was probably a boutique model. wood and papier-mâché, glass eyes, original collar and bow tie, mechanisms in perfect working order,
XIX century,

Extraordinary processional Virgin

Processional Virgin, bisque head, terracotta hands, soft body stuffed with straw, sulphide eyes, original dress and socks. The Virgin rests on its original base in gilded wood.

18th century,


Collector’s doll

Collector’s doll, polychrome papier-mâché head from the Voit house
Body in wood and fabrics. The lines of the hand are sculpted.

A tiny manikin with a lace collar

A tiny manikin with a lace collar, a marvelous primitive and deliciously refined painter’s manikin.
Face and hands finely sculpted and polychromed, lace collar, bracelet in coral and eyes in sulphide.
In one word … a marvel
Circa 1900

Small mannequin

Articulated and sculpted artist’s mannequin, with a very fine face, hands and feet.
One finger missing on the left hand.