Calendar Said From “Royal Palais”

Calendar Engraved mother-of-pearl and gilded bronze Original leather case lined with green silk. Circa 1820/1830

Bears the words: “For every day my best wish” On the case as well as a handwritten note:
“No Hermès diary in this happy time.
And this small object noted the appointments
Today it tells you a joyous feast Since Saint Joan has chosen this August 20
August 20, 1956 “: souvenir of a gift offered.

Plaster Venus

Our bust is a cast of the full-length bust of the Venus de Medici in the office Gallery in Florence.

Circa 1900

Miniature on ivory, girl in blue dress

Miniature on ivory “Portrait of a young girl in a blue dress”, under glass, oval view, stained wood frame. On the back: inscription: Mme Bantard June 9, 1839
Louis Philippe period,