Reliquary Saint Joseph

Reliquary in carved wood representing Saint Joseph.

A reliquary is an object intended to house relics. It allows the faithful to honor the relics, without risking damaging them, using an opening present on the face of the object

End of 18th century


Vindefontaine water fountain

At the end of the Middle Ages pottery villages around the town of Vindefontaine were born. They set up a large potter’s house, and made butter pots, pitchers, inkwells, vases, but above all potty sandstone fountains with brown enamel decorated with kaolin.

XVIII century,
West Normandy,

Paper mache puppet, 19th century

Marotte in polychrome painted papier-mâché and glued printed paper, presenting a female figure with black hair and a scalloped bodice. Marked DANJARD L. Vincent Paris Patented in 1860 Successor, on the base.