Bust Of Minerva

Plaster representing helmeted neck brace.

Gipsoteca Di Milano The Fumagalli & Dossi gypsotheque has a long history. In 1927, when the famous Vallardi gypsotheque closed, two former craftsmen, Gariboldi and Bertolazzi, kept part of the vast collection, thus creating their own gallery. Since then, the workshop in Viale Montello 4 in Milan has gone through the years, passing from generation to generation. Today, Fumagalli & Dossi produces workshop plasters for art schools. Our cast comes from the first part of this story and is dated to the 1930s. A small lack at the base.

Plaster Apollo

Bust of Apollo paster cast

Her abundant hair is made of long wavy locks, some of which are pulled back to the top of the forehead and tied, probably not to avoid the generosity in the action.

This type of hairstyle is frequently found in Aphrodires in the bath or Artemis hunting.

Circa 1920/1930

Gyspothèque de Milan, Italy


Plaster Venus

Our bust is a cast of the full-length bust of the Venus de Medici in the office Gallery in Florence.

Circa 1900

Miniature on ivory, girl in blue dress

Miniature on ivory “Portrait of a young girl in a blue dress”, under glass, oval view, stained wood frame. On the back: inscription: Mme Bantard June 9, 1839
Louis Philippe period,

The Laundress, XIX century

Terracotta sculpture known as Curiosa, representing a laundress sitting on a wicker basket, she holds her dress with her left hand and her chest slightly bare. She reveals her intimacy when the subject is raised …
XIX century,