Pair of child portraits, 19th century

Pair of children’s portraits, Alexander Bida.
This pair comes from the collection of Jean-Claude Brialy, strange coincides … it was a great friend of Yveline.

XIX century,

Portrait of a young man, circa 1830

Oil on canvas “Portrait of a young man”, original frame.

This man’s ambivalence is particularly noticeable in his gaze, so vulnerable on one side, so piercing on the other. It is in this subtle way that the painter underlines the complexity of this man … beware of the sleeping water!
Around 1830,

Miniature on ivory, girl in blue dress

Miniature on ivory “Portrait of a young girl in a blue dress”, under glass, oval view, stained wood frame. On the back: inscription: Mme Bantard June 9, 1839
Louis Philippe period,

“Portrait of the little king of Rome”

Oil on canvas, “Portrait of the little king of Rome”.

From the portrait of the child Eagle emerges a great softness, but the veil of melancholy reflected by his large eyes already announces his life …

French school,

Early 19th century.