“Portrait of the little king of Rome”

Oil on canvas, “Portrait of the little king of Rome”.

From the portrait of the child Eagle emerges a great softness, but the veil of melancholy reflected by his large eyes already announces his life …

French school,

Early 19th century.

Painted canvas, late XVII century

Painted canvas representing a couple of Triton and Naiad children in a garden decor at the fountain of the Four-Dolphins in Aix en Provence, trompe l’oeil frame with foliage decor.

End of the 17th century,
Provence, France.

“Saint Catherine”, XVII century

Oil on canvas depicting Saint Catherine.
Saint Catherine holds the palm of martyrs in her hand, her gaze is directed towards the censer (the smoke of the incense rising towards the sky symbolizes the prayer which ascends towards God).

XVII century,

“Religieuse”, 18th century

Oil on canvas, genre scene. It is probably about Suzanne Simonin, the narrator of Denis Diderot’s memoir “La Religieuse”, which is an ode to the freedom to choose one’s destiny…

18th century.

Italian school, entourage of Giuseppe Bonito.

Family portrait, 19th century

Oil on canvas, family portrait.

In the middle of the 19th century, the bourgeoisie, actor and beneficiary of the industrial revolution, wanted to leave to posterity the image of its economic and social success. Failing to belong to a noble line, she celebrates the family, keystone of this new bourgeois model. The challenge is then to create an image for yourself at the same time as to build a genealogy, a historical legitimacy…

19th century,