«Portrait of a diamond woman», Regency time

«Portrait of a diamond woman», XVIII s.
Oil on canvas depicting a woman dressed in the hurluberlu at the Anne-Marie d’Orléans (sister of Philip II of Orleans the Regent) decorated with pearls and holding a diamond.

Is the woman in our portrait the Regent’s favorite or perhaps the very personification of the Regency time.

Height with frame: 99 cm
Width with frame: 79 cm
Period: XVIII century, Regency

“Diane and her suite”, 17th century

Oil on canvas depicting Diane and her suite.

Diana is originally a Latin goddess with power over procreation, childbirth, hunting and sovereignty. She quickly became the goddess of hunting and moon in Roman mythology.

XVII century

«Portrait of Marguerite-Louise d’Orléans», XVII siècle

«Portrait of Marguerite-Louise d’Orléans», oil on wood.
Marguerite-Louise d’Orléans, known as Mademoiselle d’Orléans (Blois, 1645 – Paris, 1721): daughter of Gaston de France, Duc d’Orléans dit Monsieur, only brother of King Louis XIII, and Marguerite de Lorraine, and therefore the first cousin of Louis XIV. By her marriage to Cosimo III of Medici, she became Grand Duchess consort of Tuscany when he acceded to the throne of Grand Duke. Her mother the dowager duchess of Orléans having died, Marguerite-Louise asked permission to leave her husband, with whom the marital relations were particularly stormy, and to settle in France. Louis XIV ceded three years later, but confined his cousin to the convent of Montmartre, which then housed the noble ladies separated from their husband. The Grand Duchess died in Paris in 1721, under the Regency.
XVII century

“Child with a dog”, 18th century

Magnificent court portrait of a child accompanied by a dog.
The portrait of a child became more popular in the second part of the 18th centuries; in the 17th centuries it was still reserved for princes of blood.

French school of the 18th century.”Virgin and Child”

The pictorial style and composition recall the spirit of Giovanni Battista Salvi, the Sassoferrato, who distinguished himself expressly for this subject, with the Virgin immortalized in a humble and strongly earthly pose, represented with simple white, red and blue colors .

“Saint John the Baptist Child”, French school,18th century

Charming 18th century painting representing Saint John the Baptist as a child in shepherd’s clothing and holding a reed cross.
Painted in the guise of a young man or even an almost aristocratic teenager, very handsome, with curly hair, a very fine and delicate face with all the attributes that characterize him. At his side stands the lamb, which stands up on its two legs and stares at him. Fantastic landscape against a wooded background at nightfall. In a beautiful period carved oak frame.

“Portrait of the doctor”, Attributed to Donatien Nonotte

“Portrait of the Doctor”, oil on canvas, probably representing Albrecht von Haller (1708-1777) Swiss physician, scientist, naturalist, thinker and literary critic. The doctor holds a jar containing a fetus. On the jar we can read the Latin formula “Disce Me Noscere”: get to know me.

Attributed to Donatien Nonotte

18th century