Sculpture representing St Michel

The archangel is depicted in a dynamic pose which may indicate that the angel was in action. Originally holding a sword, his attribute. He wears a curly “crown” hairdo framing a youthful face, his head bowed in a serene expression.

Work of the first half of the XVIIIth probably from the South of France.

Reliquary Saint Joseph

Reliquary in carved wood representing Saint Joseph.

A reliquary is an object intended to house relics. It allows the faithful to honor the relics, without risking damaging them, using an opening present on the face of the object

End of 18th century


Seeking angels set

Set of questing angels, sold together or separately.

Plaster sculpture representing a questing angel on a cloud.
“THANK YOU!!” ” on the base.
Missing drawer to collect the money.

Questing angel in plaster and cardboard drawer.
“Thank you” inscription on the base.
Mechanism in perfect condition.

Salvator Mundi, Spain XVIII

Our Salvator Mundi is dressed in red and gold. The movements of her clothing give life to the sculpture.
Her gaze is intense thanks to her sulphide eyes and raised eyelashes.

18th century

Carved wooden angel head, 17th century

Carved wooden angel head, original polychromy.

The legend of this object says that the lack of its polychromy was due to soldiers’ sabers during the 1870 war.

Early 17th century,
Normandy, France